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Paradigm Shifts Lead Small Businesses to Market Domination

by | Nov 4, 2017 | Education

What is the most important paradigm shift small Businesses Need To Understand?

To Win In Today’s Economy? FREE Value Will Dominate The Market.

We all know it. The old ways of doing business are over and done with. We’ve seen dramatic changes in the technical ways we do business today. And I’m not just talking about more advanced products and technology, I’m speaking in the literal means of making a profit, acquiring market share, and gaining long-term fans for your brand.

The internet has made the playing field even. Fortune 500 companies have to do more today, to keep from being disrupted and put out of business. Small business owners, millennials, and innovators understand, now more than ever, that they too can win big. This wasn’t so 50 years ago. Successful businesspeople were anomalies in the communities. They were men and women who had connections, and it was far more difficult to win big, or even think big with the limited resources and technology. In just a few decades, we’ve seen exponential changes and technology that ultimately revolutionized how we go about doing business.

We’re living in a time where the little guy can win in today’s economy, and we might as well adapt to the way consumers purchase products. The most important paradigm shift small business owners need to make to acquire lifelong fans is, to give free value with no expectation on the backend. This concept can be hard for business owners today, but the companies that implement this idea will dominate the market.

Uber, offered $20 off your first free ride when starting, now worth tens of billions of dollars. Chiropractors providing free adjustments to get people in the door to then offer a more in-depth therapy to better help a customer. Business coaches willingly documenting content to acquire lifelong fans to provide a more personal plan then. These are just a few examples of how free value wins in today’s economy.

“But I can’t afford to give out free stuff.” This is the mindset of many businesses who are doomed to shutting its doors down. The truth is you can’t NOT afford to offer free value to your target market. Why? Because your competitor is already doing it. As a consumer, FREE trumps the quality of a business’s services. Now complement free value with a premier service, and you’re bound to acquire more raving fans than a major sports team.

What kind of free value could your business offer? There are so many different value based concepts your product, or service business can offer. Although originality is the key to innovation and greatness, start looking at what’s already working in your industry. Model a company who is doing better than yours with a free value offer. Implement this strategy with no expectations on the backend and watch your business thrive long term. Once you have a system that works with your free value offer, don’t be afraid to break the rules a little and innovate a new way to give back to your fans and watch the raving fan compound effect change your business and your life.

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