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Orthopedic Medical Marketing Strategies

by | May 25, 2018 | Education

There are many steps involved in effective medical marketing and a great deal of it depends heavily on what area of healthcare you are in and what target audience you are targeting. It is important that any medical center, office, facility, hospital, or practice keeps their primary focus on the modern patient that is seeking medical care these days. “Whenever we discuss the “modern patient” most physicians imagine a Millennial with a cell phone welded to their hands taking selfies and texting.  However, this is not the sole representation of the “modern patient”.  What this term refers to is potential patients in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who have become more reliant and adept at finding information on their mobile device, Google or social media”

That is the key to any modern trend or method- digital is now king and traditional methods are no longer as effective as they once were. Orthopedic specialists have to be willing and able to adapt the marketing strategy of their practices in order to not only be found but to communicate with and satisfy the needs of the modern patient. When it comes to orthopedic medical marketing, there is a lot that you can do to help your practice grow and thrive. Today, we are going to focus on four effective marketing strategies that orthopedic practices must take to heart if they want to survive in this digital age and if they want to stay ahead of their orthopedic practice competition:

Taking Advantage of a Strong Google Adwords Strategy

Why You Need It:  This tool from Google gives a medical practice the ability to focus in on a specific target so you can deliver your message to patients living in your area who need what you have to offer.  Google Adwords is set up in such a way that you will “bid” on relevant search terms and those with the highest bid end up being shown on the first pages of search engine results. Google Adwords has been statistically shown to be one of the highest ROI investment opportunities businesses can use for orthopedic practice marketing and advertising. You can target certain services, such as orthopedic surgery advancements your practice provides or a particular product like a line of shoe inserts you offer.

How It Works: When correctly set up and managed, Google Ads allows medical practices to target the specific areas, keywords, and audience groups they are interested in.  The most important aspect of Google Adwords is the ability it gives smaller practices to lee the playing field so to speak and rank above their competition.  Also, the advertisements will be ranked above the organic search results, which means even if your main competitor’s website ranks higher on keyword searches your ads can still be shown above their page on the search engine results!  It is a powerful tool for good orthopedic marketing and is one of the fastest growing trends in medical marketing today.

 Taking Advantage of Social Media Marketing for Your Area

Why You Need It: Social media has to be a major part of your marketing and advertising plans if you want your orthopedic practice to grow and thrive in this day and age. Being active online and having a strong online presence is key to drawing in new patients and keeping current patients happy and healthy. Having a blog on your website is a good first step but it cannot end there- to really reach out to new patients and expand your audience base, you need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You have to go where the people are!

How It Works: Social media platforms like Facebook and even Instagram and others allow you post ads and boost posts, much like you were paying for the Google Ads to promote your orthopedic practice. For the orthopedic center, this means making announcements about your services, new patient features or discounts, and sharing success stories from satisfied patients. You want to make sure people who are searching online for orthopedic services in your areas find your practice and that they are seeing and hearing good things about you. Whether they are looking for treatments like orthopedic surgery or the newest updates and advances in the news, you want to make sure they are finding your practice.

Make Use of Targeted Digital Video Methods for Marketing

Why You Need It: Video has long been popular among internet users and there is no change in that, and in reality, video is only growing in popularity and power. In fact, YouTube is beat by only Google in the ranking for most popular methods of searching for information online.  The modern patient today is as much video minded as they are print content minded- they are watching TV, they have services like Hulu and Netflix on their phones, and they are watching videos and content on YouTube.  When it comes to issues involving healthcare, patients are now spending as much time checking for videos online to address symptoms, treat illnesses, or find doctors and medical facilities! Video is leading the way when it comes to medical marketing and if you fail to embrace it and use it effectively, you will be left in the dust.

How It Works: You can make a video on just about any topic you wish and then share it on your website, social media pages, and other platforms where your target audience frequently visits.  This video content can range from continued brand awareness to testimonial videos to announcements about new health alerts or services. Obviously, the quality and messaging you put online is key so it is better to have 10 strong good videos than to flood the internet with a lot of fluff and meaningless videos. You can think of this method of marketing your business as a specialized TV commercial that only those in your area who are searching for orthopedic practice and services will see.

Have an Effective Marketing ROI Measurement Plan in Place

Why You Need It:  Knowing what is and is not working for your practice is key to being successful with marketing strategies. You need to know where you are putting your money and you need to be able to check that your investment is being rewarded with a good ROI. You do not want to keep putting money to Facebook ads if it is not bringing in new patients and that money would be better spent increasing advertisements on the platforms that are working. You cannot know any of this without a good ROI measurement plan that can help you stay on track and monitor your success and failures in marketing reach. Knowing your ROI is strong will help you have a stronger and more successful orthopedic marketing plan.

How It Works: A good method for ROI tracking can take many forms, depending on your practice, the size of your patient base, and the work you do. Working with marketing experts is a good way to review your results and see where your ROI falls and what you may need to tweak and adjust to be more successful. At the end of each month, you should review the results and make any adjustments that are needed and then compare those numbers to the results you get the following month. It is an on-going process that can help your marketing budget stay directed to the methods and outlets that are rendering the best results- like video and social media!

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