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3 Tips To Gain More Positive Reviews for Your Small Business!

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Education

Online reviews are so crucial for small businesses today. We live in a search world and most people are going to actively search businesses before spending money. Think about it, in your own life do you tend to look up a company or a restaurant before moving forward? Chances are if you own a smartphone you’ve done this a handful of times before making a decision. So since this is clearly a factor played into today’s customer acquisition don’t you think it’s a good idea you set yourself up for success? Here are three ways to gain more positive reviews for your small business:

1. Offer quality products and services

Having a quality product or service is the first key to gaining quality reviews online. Being aware of your customer satisfaction rating will help you tweak your product or service to better the experience of your customers. Actively asking the question, how did you enjoy your time spent here is a great way to gauge your clients felt about your service. If your customers are happy with the overall experience you will likely gain the positive review!

2. Just Ask!

Many business owners shy away from asking their clients or customers for anything at all. In reality, if a business offers an adequate service and the customer is happy with what they have received it is of no offense for a business owner to ask for a review to better help the company. In fact, many people will be ecstatic to write the review after receiving an awesome service through your businesses. The issue is most people are afraid to ask or feel like they’re imposing on a customer. If this is you, you need to change your paradigm and remember that people would be thrilled to help you if you have done your job properly!

3. Give reviews

By simply going on to other local businesses pages and giving positive reviews you will find that people will reciprocate 10x more times than not. This is a free and easy way to increase your online reputation and an even better way to gain more loyal customers in your local area.

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